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    The products of Jinzhou plant are mainly used in industrial control, communication, automotive , medical .etc.

    Founded in 2008 in Jinzhou, Dalian, Dalian Suntak Circuit Co., Ltd. (Jinzhou Plant) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntak Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in producing electronic circuits.
    The Phase I plant area of Jinzhou Plant is 42,000㎡, and the monthly productivity can reach 120,000㎡, while the Phase II investment is RMB 600 million, and the plant area is 78,000㎡. After Phase II is put into production, the productivity can reach 3.8 million ㎡/year, and the output can reach RMB 3.1 billion. The products have been applied in industrial control, communication, automotive, medical treatment and other electronic information fields.

    • 120,000㎡

    • 1000+

    • Industrial control, Communications, Automotive, Medical

    • 120,000 ㎡

    • Communication 5G antenna

      Craft show

      Layers 2L
      Board thickness 0.9mm
      Material PTFE
      Line width / space 0.4/0.4mm
      Minimum aperture 0.5mm
      Surface treatment Sink gold
    • Vehicle Air Purifier System

      Craft show

      Layers 4L
      Board thickness 1.6mm
      Material EM-285
      Line width / space 0.185/0.19mm
      Minimum aperture 0.4mm
      Surface treatment Sink gold
    • Security video system

      Craft show

      Layers 8L
      Board thickness 1.6mm
      Material S1000H
      Line width / space 0.1/0.1mm
      Minimum aperture 0.2mm
      Surface treatment Sink gold
  • Fineline Special Contribution Award

  • Excellent supplier

  • Palpilot excellent supplier

  • NCAB Excellent supplier

  • Kitron 10 Years Collaborative Contribution Award

  • High Tech Enterprise

  • AEO Certificate

  • Enterprise Technology Center in Liaoning

  • Gazelle enterprise

  • Abide by the contract and credit enterprises

  • Become a world-leading manufacturer of Circuit board

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